10 Reasons Why Walmart Is My Calling


Of course these things happened at Walmart.


  1. Posted by ShinBakuman, — Reply

    One sec, I can clear this up: *clears throat* "You're not supposed to judge people, and you can't take pictures of strangers like some fucking creeper." Hope that helped.

  2. Posted by liv0665, — Reply

    You guys have it all wrong. She's covering those distracting knees and has obviously just came from school, coz you know that boys cannot see your knees at school. SUCH A DISTRACTION!

  3. Posted by delaneyrpv, — Reply

    Girl: Ok, Mom I am ready to go shopping. Mom: Sorry honey but it is too cold to be wearing shorts today Girl: Ok I’ll put on my jean socks. Mom: ...🤔ok... looks good

  4. Posted by CeciAayotte, — Reply

    Guys she’s in middle school or highschool and if your an adult you should know full well you made bad fashion choices in school too lol. Everybody does, Don’t deny it.

  5. Posted by alength, — Reply

    I totally get it. She bought a pair of these ridiculous skinny jeans with foot holes so small you can get your feet through, but not back out. So she had to have the rest of the trousers cut off her legs and is now hoping the bottom parts will wear off real soon.

  6. Posted by 0802dorkiestner, — Reply

    Love some of these comments, while others are all like "THE END IS NIGH! A NORMAL TEENAGER IS TRYING TO SET A TREND! HOW DARE???" Kinda just want to tell them to get over themselves.

  7. Posted by mmmodeerf, — Reply

    There are 9 other photos to comment about.... click “Read It,” the car that actually managed to be parked in the trolley bay 😆

  8. Posted by otterzen, — Reply

    "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WEARING?!" "Mom! This is the trend now!" "The worlds gone to shit."

  9. Posted by AsentimentalBastardIfYouWill, — Reply

    Nah, actually... that's cool. But ignore me because I actually have no sense of fashion

  10. Posted by brynnx, — Reply

    If it makes her happy then whatever. I wish more people did what made them happy. ☺️

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